In China – home to one of the world’s oldest and most diverse cultural heritages, food has always taken center stage, with warm suppers enjoyed by the whole family, business deals made around the dinner table, and special meals heart of any festive occasion.

Our mission at Amber Garden is to change perceptions of what it means to enjoy truly Chinese cuisine. We offer a sensory oasis promise – a place where textures and flavors are encouraged to mingle, learn from each other, and evolve across cultures.

Through Amber Garden, East meets West under the tantalizing aroma of the famous Amber Beijing Roast Duck, and many other proudly served delicacies. “Shared dining” meets “Fine dining” in a synthesis of sublime flavors, wine-pairings, and exquisite presentations served in a delightful and welcoming setting. Let us set the culinary stage for you to dive into an ongoing dialogue between cultures. Welcome to Amber Garden!