Jiang Nan 江南
“Jiang Nan'' means south of the Yangtze River. It generally refers to the cities or towns along the east coast of China. The interior of this room imitates the wooden eaves which are unique to Jiang Nan in order to give you
an immersed sense.
Dan Qing 丹青
“Dan Qing” are the two colors vermilion and cyan, which are commonly used in ancient Chinese paintings. This room is decorated with ancient painting art. You can enjoy the art during your gathering.
Hua Dao 花道
”Hua Dao” means flower arrangement. The art of Hua Dao makes you feel the changes of life and nature by experiencing flowers, leaves or branches of trees together. In this room, not only the interior decoration but also the tableware is in bloom design with bright colors.
Shui Mo 水墨
“Shui Mo” means water and ink. It is mostly used to refer to ink paintings made by mixing water and ink into different shades. This painting method is the origin of Chinese painting. Inspired by this historical culture, the interior of this room has a simple and clean design.
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Private dining

Enter the Amber Garden Exclusive entrance, ascend the spiral staircase next to our fish pond to our private dining rooms to celebrate your birthday, private dinner with family and friends or business get-together.

 There are four rooms designed based on four Chinese artistic heritage themes. Each room is a comfortable and intimate space that can accommodate up to 12 guests at a time. The exquisite layout of these rooms are very suitable for family dinners, business lunches or small social gatherings:

Private dining can be done in both the Chinese style (shared dining) as the Western style (course menu). Excluding dietary restrictions, the menu per person must be the same per room. There is no à la carte service for the private dining rooms. The menu is always agreed upon beforehand and starts from €80.00 per person with a minimum of six persons.

The menu is composed according to your wishes. If desired, the kitchen team can also create a surprise menu for the table. You are also able to indicate select dishes or flavors, where our kitchen team will supplement dishes for the rest of the menu according to their knowledge and expertise.

If you are planning to host a special event or rent a space alone, please contact us in advance.